Compact Lube Oil Cooler for Industrial Engines

OC Series

Engine lubricating oil is used to protect crankshafts, pistons, and camshafts by reducing friction between moving parts and preventing exposure to oxygen, which eventually will cause components to rust.  The film of hydraulic oil between moving parts reduces the amount of kinetic energy converted to heat by friction, which translates to increased efficiency and power output.  This layer of separation between metal parts protects those parts from wear and tear thereby improving the life of the engine, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

In industrial engines, lube oil is exposed to very high temperatures, work done on the oil causes the oil to pick up heat, and in some cases engine oil is used to dissipate heat from the engine to keep the engine operating at a safe temperature.  Each lubricating oil product has a specific range of operating temperatures, and each industrial engine will require lubricating oil within a specific temperature range.  Excess heat needs to be removed to keep the engine running smoothly.

The pictured OC Series heat exchanger has a convenient and compact two pass design with connections on the same side (either left or right), reducing the amount of piping and space required for the setup.  Typical ANSI raised faced connections used in industrial piping are available.  The connections can also be SAE 4-bolt flanges, which are often used with engine lubrication oil.  NPTs and other connections are also available upon request.  The motor is completely exposed and accessible for ease of wiring and maintenance.  The motor is located in the intake air side to keep cool ambient air flowing across, keeping the motor at a safe low operating temperature.  All of the motors are TEFC, ideal for outdoor installation, and they are typically 1 HP or less for oil flows up to 25 GPM.  Explosion proof motors and non-sparking fans are available.