HR Series Heat Exchanger

HR Series heat exchangers exchange heat between two enclosed, often pressurized gas streams.  Use our interactive online form to get a fast and accurate quote!

Common Applications
Precooling hot rotary-lobe and multistage centrifugal blower discharge with cold saturated air/gas from a C Series heat exchanger to depress relative humidity in pneumatic conveying, biogas, and landfill gas power generation systems and heat recovery / economization.

Core Construction
The aluminum plate-fin core is furnace brazed with alternating finned flow channels.  Process and service gas flows in horizontal and vertical channels.  The process stream enters and exits through rectangular aluminum headers, which are welded to the core.

Operational Considerations
Each process gas passageway is .02 square inches (.25 x .08 inches).  The process stream must be filtered to insure particulate will not obstruct the passages.  The process and service channels should not be considered cleanable because they are not accessible.

Installation Considerations
Pulsating flow, such as that produced by rotary lobe blowers should be dampened by a chambered silencer.

Xchanger engineers use a computer model to analyze heat exchanger performance based on the best available engineering practice.  A specifically designed program calculates housing material thickness based on the ASME code.

HR-250, HR-500, HR-1000, HR-1250, HR-1750, HR-2000, HR-2500, HR-2750 & HR-3500.

Special Configurations
Can be see on our Custom Designs page.

Heat recovery gas to gas heat exchanger drawing

Sample data sheet: