• AA Series

Since 1972, Xchanger has manufactured heat exchangers, blower aftercoolers, evaporators and condensers to control temperature and humidity for the chemical, energy, food, pharmaceutical, plastics and other industries. Xchanger is a recognized leader, with over 25,000 heat exchangers installed world-wide. We share the benefits of our research, design and manufacturing experience when we develop the best solutions for your applications.

We offer fin-tube and fin-plate heat exchanger surfaces in aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel and high performance alloys. Our fan cooled heat exchangers are available with explosion proof and inverter duty motors. Our blower aftercoolers have low pressure loss, an approach that narrows during gas flow turn-down and they can economically be designed to separate condensate from process gas.

Our nine types of heat exchangers and blower aftercoolers are based on proven designs, and each heat exchanger is optimized for the particular demands of it’s installation. Our design engineers are experienced with heat exchangers and knowledgeable in their use in a wide range of applications, including pneumatic conveying, tank vent condensing, blown film cooling, air separation, soil vapor extraction, biogas and landfill gas systems.

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