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Compact Lube Oil Cooler for Industrial Engines

Engine lubricating oil is used to protect crankshafts, pistons, and camshafts by reducing friction between moving parts and preventing exposure to oxygen, which eventually will cause components to rust.  The film of hydraulic oil between moving parts reduces the amount of kinetic

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Six Core Heat Exchanger Recovers Viscous Condensate

The pictured heat exchanger cools 24,000 SCFM from 210°F to 124°F using 180 gpm of 87°F cooling water.  At room temperature, the oils being recovered in this process will congeal and solidify, so this heat exchanger also circulates 130°F water beneath

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Extended Surface Heat Exchanger: Increase Efficiency, Reduce Operating Cost

Reducing pressure drop translates to lower power consumption and higher profits.  Xchanger’s extended-surface heat exchangers cool gas streams more efficiently with less restriction compared with primary-surface heat exchangers such as shell and tubes. The pictured HP Series has a 60″ cylindrical

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Multi-Stage Heat Exchanger: High Flow, Low Pressure Loss

This 15,000 lb. stainless steel behemoth is by no means the largest heat exchanger manufactured at Xchanger, but it is a contender.   This C Series is designed for 5 PSIG and 500°F and heats/cools 27,000 SCFM of nitrogen with a maximum pressure drop of less than 5 inches of

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Compact Tank Vent Condenser: Recover Product, Reduce Emissions

Using plate-fin and tube construction, Xchanger’s TV Series tank vent condensers have tremendous cost and performance advantages over primary surface condensers, such as shell & tube, plate & frame and spiral type heat exchangers.  TV Series heat exchangers are used

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