• AA Series Heat Exchanger
    AA Series


Heat Transfer Solutions Since 1972

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Xchanger is a recognized leader with over 25,000 heat exchangers installed world-
wide. Our ten types of heat exchangers are proven, field tested designs, and each
heat exchanger is optimized for the particular demands of its specific installation.

Air Heaters • Air Separation • Biogas Cogeneration • Blower Aftercoolers • Blown Film Cooling • Charge Air Coolers
Dairy / Pharmaceutical Grade • Dehumidifiers • Digester / Landfill Gas Treatment • Direct Expansion Coolers • Economizers
Emissions Control • Flour / Hydrated Lime / Plastic Pellet / Sugar Handling • Glycol / Water Coolers • Heat Transfer Oil Coolers
Liquid Nitrogen Evaporators • Lube Oil Coolers • Multi-Circuit / Multi-Stage Heat Exchangers • Product Curing
Product Recovery • Soil Vapor Extraction • Steam Condensers • Strip Dryers • System Prototyping • Tank Vent Condensers
Waste Water Aeration • Vacuum / Pressure Swing Adsorption • Vacuum Pump Precoolers