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Vertical Up Emissions Stack Gas Heater

The pictured C Series heat exchanger with an 80″ inlet and 95″ outlet connection is installed on a large emissions control stack rated for a 15 PSIG design.  The unit includes two steam condensing cores with casters on rails and a removable

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Six Core Heat Exchanger Recovers Viscous Condensate

The pictured heat exchanger cools 24,000 SCFM from 210°F to 124°F using 180 gpm of 87°F cooling water.  At room temperature, the oils being recovered in this process will congeal and solidify, so this heat exchanger also circulates 130°F water beneath

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Multi-Stage Heat Exchanger: High Flow, Low Pressure Loss

This 15,000 lb. stainless steel behemoth is by no means the largest heat exchanger manufactured at Xchanger, but it is a contender.   This C Series is designed for 5 PSIG and 500°F and heats/cools 27,000 SCFM of nitrogen with a maximum pressure drop of less than 5 inches of

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