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Blower Aftercooler with Ducted Fan Air Flow

Optionally, AA Series heat exchangers can be fitted with duct flanges on the intake side, exhaust side, or both.  These heat exchangers typically serve as blower aftercoolers, where ambient air is used to dissipate heat from hot air from the discharge

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Portable Air Cooled Heat Exchanger for Truck Unloading

The pictured AA Series heat exchangers use two 12V motors to be powered by a truck or other portable battery.  The connections are cam and groove fittings to quickly attach and detach hoses for hot intake and cool discharge air.  These

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High Capacity Air Cooled Blower Aftercooler

A single aftercooler for a high capacity centrifugal blower can be used to bring the discharge air temperature to near ambient in order to protect downstream piping, protect conveyed product, or to reduce the required chiller capacity if lower outlet

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